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San Giorgio Group Focus

Effective green finance is critical to the success of low-emissions development. However, significant challenges remain including how to scale up actions to meet global needs, how to design risk-return arrangements to attract public and private capital, and how to disburse climate funds effectively. The San Giorgio Group focus includes:

  • Effective investment: systematic analysis of case studies and tracking of existing green investments
  • Ensuring learning: distil lessons from the evolving financing practices
  • Scaling up: provide insights on how public resources can be spent wisely to mobilize private finance

The San Giorgio Group work focuses on a systematic analysis of project, program, and instrument case studies to identify best practices for effective public and private investment, with a special focus on how risks faced by investors are addressed.

Latest from the San Giorgio Group


First Geothermal Dialogue: Effective Financing of Geothermal Development – What Have We Learned?

Copenhagen, October 24, 2014

This meeting was organized by Climate Policy Initiative, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds and the Energy Sector Management ...

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San Giorgio Group Report: The Role of Public Finance in Deploying Geothermal – Background Paper

October, 2014

Executive Summary
Geothermal energy is broadly cost competitive with fossil fuel alternatives even without a carbon price. The levelized cost ...

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San Giorgio Group Brief: Early Lessons on Introducing Energy Performance Contracts in Italy – Milan’s Energy Efficiency Program

September, 2014

Governments around the world use energy performance contracts (EPCs) with energy service companies (ESCOs) to reduce the energy costs and carbon emissions of public buildings without any budget outlay on their part. This brief draws lessons from the first program of this kind in Italy to cover energy savings alone and introduce pure EPC on a regional scale.

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San Giorgio Group Brief: How Spain created a world-leading CSP industry then shattered investor confidence

August, 2014

Part of a series looking at the role of public finance in driving concentrated solar power (CSP) deployment and cost reductions, this report draws lessons from Spanish support policies which drove the creation of a world-leading industry and then shattered investor confidence through retroactive changes.

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San Giorgio Group Policy Brief: The Role of Public Finance in CSP – Lessons Learned

June, 2014

This study shows that if international finance institutions (IFIs) and committed national governments were to join forces to deploy 5-15GW of concentrated solar power (CSP), it could reduce its electricity production costs by around 14-44% and make CSP competitive in countries like Morocco and South Africa. With findings drawn from four case studies and background paper, this policy brief offers recommendations for IFIs and developing country policymakers on how to make this happen in the most cost-effective way.

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