The Global NDC Implementation Partners

The Paris Agreement marked a new era in climate policy, and with it, a new imperative to accelerate climate action. Effective implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) will drive the roll-out of low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure and economy-wide transformation,  financed by significant, mostly private, investment. To meet their goals, developing countries need support to mobilize public and private finance quickly, and at scale. Delay will increase the economic cost and threaten the feasibility of the Paris goals.

Combining the strengths of three world-leading organizations – Climate Policy Initiative, Baker & McKenzie, and AECOM – GNIplus provides governments with the best available policy, technical, financial, governance, and legal expertise to support the implementation of their NDCs. GNIplus also supports governments as they work to mobilize private investment and create long-term, sustainable growth and development.

By delivering practical, concrete actions in multiple geographies, GNIplus will: reform legal, policy, financial, institutional, and governance frameworks; stress-test the designs of infrastructure projects; and develop financial tools and instruments to de-risk investment and mobilize private finance at scale. GNIplus will maximize impact by building on its partners existing collaborations with governments, multilateral agencies, and private investors to facilitate climate action by enhancing current national strategies and initiatives.

GNIplus in Kenya

GNIplus is currently being piloted in Kenya, funded by the Government of the Netherlands. Working closely with the Government of Kenya, the Kenyan private sector, and donor governments, GNIplus is designing a program of support to accelerate effective NDC implementation, in line with national priorities.

Given that water resources will come under increased stress due to climate change, rapid population growth, and industrial development in the coming decades, GNIplus’ initial focus in Kenya is to identify potential regulatory or policy approaches to reduce industrial water consumption in the Nairobi catchment area. Specifically, GNIplus is testing if an, initially voluntary, Water Credits Trading Program would be a feasible approach to incentivize investment in water efficiency improvements among large industrial water users. This program could increase water efficiency in a cost-effective way, while building institutional capacity to overcome existing technical, governance, and regulatory challenges around water usage and treatment.

It is anticipated that the roll-out of a broader GNIplus program for Kenya, covering climate relevant sectors to accelerate low-carbon, climate-resilient development, will begin in 2018.



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What makes GNIplus unique?



GNIplus partners – Climate Policy Initiative, Baker & McKenzie, and AECOM – have a proven ability to implement actions on the ground. With the skills and experience to draft policy and legislation, assess the technical feasibility of infrastructure projects, access public finance, engage private investors, and design public-private financial instruments, GNIplus will deliver tangible implementation actions.

Private Sector Focus with Public Sector Expertise

GNIplus combines public and private sector experts with a deep understanding of their goals, requirements, and processes. GNIplus can, therefore, facilitate public–private engagement and support the design of effective policies and financial instruments to mobilize private investment and enable the private sector to take up low-carbon, climate-resilient investment opportunities.

Speed and Responsiveness

GNIplus partners’ long history of in-country expertise and operational presence on the ground in 162 countries means that we are well suited to accelerate NDC implementation. GNIplus is a flexible initiative that can keep pace with the private sector; our experts can respond to identify needs, fix gaps, and complement other national and international actors – offering bespoke solutions with potential to scale. We will promote swift, effective action by collaborating with other actors to maximize synergies, build on lessons learned, and avoid duplication.

Supporting National Ownership & Building Capacity

By understanding the importance of NDC implementation to be nationally driven, GNIplus will make a sustainable, long-term impact. We have extensive local networks and existing collaborations with national governments, communities, NGOs, development banks, and investors. By using a ‘train the trainer’ model we aim to ensure local policy-makers, lawyers, economists, engineers, and others are able to take ownership of the NDC implementation plan.

Global Reach

GNIplus partners are also deeply connected at a global level, with many existing collaborations with global actors – from UN bodies to multilateral agencies, development banks, climate funds, and international investors. This enables us to advise national governments on the requirements of international law; international climate finance flows, actors, and processes to support access to finance for NDC implementation and the requirements of the Paris Agreement.