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Chatham House Energy Transitions 2018: Leadership in a climate of disruptive change

London, UK, 2018-03-19

On Tuesday 20 March, our Energy Finance executive director, David Nelson, will be discussing the opportunities and risks associated with new regulations, transparency initiatives and scaling up low-carbon energy finance.

  • In the context of ongoing economic uncertainty, how are priorities changing? Is there a perceived trade-off between ensuring commercial competitiveness and moving towards low-carbon energy? What is the relative importance of reputational concerns, consumer expectations and investor confidence?
  • What impact will the growing trend towards climate-related financial risk disclosures by companies have on energy sector investment? Will this approach also be adopted in emerging economies, where most investment will take place?
  • How can capital allocation be expedited effectively during the transition? Should stakeholders align measures such as foreign direct investment strategies, climate risk disclosures, energy subsidy reform and the expansion of carbon pricing? Is it ineffective to think of these in terms of silos?
  • How are legislative changes and political transitions affecting investment decisions? What is the role of policy mechanisms for incentivizing private sector investment in enabling renewables?
  • Are there opportunities for de-risking finance with public–private partnerships or is a subsidy-free future now in reach for a number of technologies and geographies as costs continue to fall?

Sini Matikainen, Policy Analyst, Grantham Institute, London School of Economics

Lord Adair Turner, Chair, Energy Transitions Commission; Chairman, Institute for New Economic Thinking
Alzbeta Klein, Director and Global Head, Climate Business, International Finance Corporation
Carsten Jung, Lead on Climate Risk Analysis, International Directorate, Bank of England 
David Nelson, Executive Director for Energy Finance, Climate Policy Initiative
Nick Butler, Energy Commentator, Financial Times; Visiting Professor and Chair, Kings Policy Institute, Kings College London

For more information, visit the Chatham House Energy Transitions website.