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Dan Storey


Subject Expertise
  • communications
  • policy and public outreach
  • media relations
  • renewable energy
  • concentrated solar power
  • climate finance
  • land use

Dan Storey

Senior Communications Specialist, Public Affairs and Business Development Support

Dan Storey works across CPI’s offices to develop and implement strategies that maximize the impact of analysis through clear and targeted communication. He has managed communications for some of CPI’s flagship projects, including the Global Landscape of Climate Finance, supported fundraising applications, including with the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, and works with the communications team to develop CPI’s digital strategy.

He supports analyst teams to improve their verbal and written communications skills and works to develop and streamline processes that support CPI to reach its communications and fundraising goals. Among others, these responsibilities include supporting strategic outreach through stakeholder mapping, management, and public relations; assisting the presentation of analysis in various product formats reports through messaging, editing, layout, and publication; media relations; and impact evaluation.

Dan started his career as a financial journalist reporting on the bond markets in London. Subsequently, during more than seven years working in public relations as employee and entrepreneur, he advised high-level decision makers in private, public, and non-profit organizations in over ten countries on communications.

Prior to joining CPI in August 2013, Dan worked with the Desertec Foundation, a German non-profit working for a fast global transition to renewables. He holds an MA in English from Cambridge University.

He is based in CPI’s London office.