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Dario Abramskiehn

San Francisco

Regional Expertise
Subject Expertise
  • private climate finance
  • carbon markets
  • ab32
  • renewable energy financing
  • low-carbon innovation
  • multilateral climate finance

Dario Abramskiehn

Senior Analyst

Dario Abramskiehn is a Senior Analyst on the Climate Finance team at Climate Policy Initiative with more than 8 years of experience in renewable energy project finance, electric vehicle finance, ESG investing, energy efficiency, carbon markets, energy & transportation policy, and utilities & financial services consulting.

Dario currently leads the Sustainable Cities stream of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. He has supported the development and launch of innovative financial solutions to drive investments in renewable energy project origination and early-stage development in Latin America and Southeast Asia; affordable green homes in sub-Saharan Africa; battery leasing and service agreements for Proterra electric buses; Pay As You Save (PAYS) financing for clean transportation across emerging markets; and a number of other Lab instruments. Dario has also managed the Lab’s 5-year impact analysis, examining 35 sustainable investment solutions launched which have mobilized more than $1.5 billion in sustainable investment to date.

Outside of the Lab, Dario has led CPI’s engagement with national development banks, and green banks to drive implementation of Paris Agreement goals in Latin America. He has driven  monitoring and evaluation of the additionality of private equity investments made by the UK government through its Climate Public Private Partnership (CP3) Programme, and has supported analysis of long-term climate finance for G7 governments.

Dario has also led private climate finance tracking in the Global Landscape of Climate Finance and explored the Landscape of Climate Explosure for Investors seeking to manage climate risk and pursue green alpha using ESG data, tools, and financial products.

He has supported analysis of California’s Cap and Trade Program and managed the California Carbon Dashboard – a resource for policymakers and other stakeholders interested in California’s climate policies and carbon market. He is a co-author of CPI’s work for the Government of Sweden exploring low-carbon innovation and the Drivers and Barriers for a Transition to a Sustainable Energy System.

Prior to joining CPI, Dario worked as a strategy consultant at IBM Global Business Services collaborating with utilities, financial services providers, and clients from a variety of other sectors. Dario holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, political science, and environmental science from Columbia University.