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Dario Abramskiehn

San Francisco

Regional Expertise
Subject Expertise
  • private climate finance
  • carbon markets
  • ab32
  • renewable energy financing
  • low-carbon innovation
  • multilateral climate finance

Dario Abramskiehn

Senior Analyst

Dario Abramskiehn is a senior analyst in CPI’s San Francisco office.

At CPI, he has conducted private climate finance tracking efforts in the latest edition of the Global Landscape of Climate Finance. Dario supported CPI’s analysis of California’s Cap and Trade Program and manages the California Carbon Dashboard – a resource for policymakers and other stakeholders interested in California’s climate policies and carbon market. He is a co-author of CPI’s work for the Government of Sweden exploring low-carbon innovation and the Drivers and Barriers for a Transition to a Sustainable Energy System.

Prior to joining CPI, Dario worked as a strategy consultant at IBM for three years. He graduated with a degree in economics, political science, and environmental science from Columbia University in 2010.