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Elysha Davila

San Francisco

Regional Expertise
Subject Expertise
  • communications
  • organizational strategy
  • media relations
  • branding
  • policy and public outreach

Elysha Davila

Head of Communications

Elysha Davila leads the communications team. Since joining CPI in 2012, she has helped develop and support its programs, including by playing a founding role in the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, serving as communications lead for regional programs like Brazil and Indonesia, and helping CPI reach policymakers and investors around the world.

Elysha brings over a decade of experience in strategic communications. She joined CPI fromĀ Fenton, a global, public interest communications consultancy known for its results-focused campaigns. At Fenton she worked with leading nonprofits and foundations such as the James Irvine Foundation, Alive & Free, the California Wellness Foundation, Year Up, and the American Medical Association Alliance. Prior to Fenton, Elysha worked at the Foundation for Sustainable Development, an international nonprofit, helping to launch its communications and marketing efforts while the organization was in start-up phase. Elysha has a B.S. in Social Policy and Education from Northwestern University.