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Saurabh Trivedi


Regional Expertise
Subject Expertise
  • climate finance
  • regressions and econometrics
  • financial modeling
  • energy efficiency

Saurabh Trivedi

Senior Analyst

Saurabh Trivedi is a senior analyst in CPI’s Delhi office. At CPI, his work is primarily focused on designing innovative and implementable financial instruments and transaction structures which can unlock investment in clean energy sector in India. He is currently engaged in designing an innovative financial mechanism to accelerate the deployment of electric buses in India.

Some of his key projects include Energizing Finance for Electricity Access (2018), Solar Municipal Bond (2017), Feasibility of Decarbonization of Electricity System of Indian Railways (2016), Alternative FX Risk Hedging Instrument (2016) and Assessing Cost-Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Policies in India (2015). He has also been instrumental in designing a India Electric Mobility Platform (IEMF) along with consortium partners which is a first project preparation facility for e-mobility projects in India.

Prior to CPI, Saurabh worked with JP Morgan Chase and Alexandria Real Estate Equities, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where he gained significant exposure in Real Estate valuation and investment strategies.

Saurabh holds a degree in Engineering from Galgotia’s College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, and an MBA in finance from IBS Business School, Hyderabad.