Support for policymakers and investors in energy finance

, April 2017


Support for policymakers and investors in energy finance


CPI’s Energy Finance analysts provide independent research and advisory services to policymakers, investors, and corporations. We take a fresh look at policies, new market design and financial innovation that will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our work focuses on four main mechanisms that together drive this transformation:

  • Finance as a catalyst
  • Smoothing transitions from fossil fuels
  • Market reform
  • New models in emerging markets
  • Impact

CPI’s Energy Finance analysis informs the latest thinking on how to accelerate the energy transition through the analysis of policy and market design and the development of financial instruments to enable renewables to reach scaled deployment and help manage stranded assets. For instance, our recent report for the Energy Transitions Commission found that:

  • The future cost of electricity generation from a largely renewable energy system powered by wind and solar (USD69/MWh) will be less than an all-gas system (USD73/MWh).
  • Most regions can integrate 30% of their power supply from fluctuating renewables using existing sources of system flexibility.
  • The maximum cost of flexibility to reliably integrate 80%+ of energy supply from wind and solar energy will be $30/MWh, but is likely to be much lower than that.

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