Around the world, nations are striving to use increasingly scarce resources more productively, meet energy security goals, and reach economic growth targets, all while reducing climate risk. These are complex and urgent challenges; policy is a critical part of reaching these aims.

In the last decade, nations have implemented many climate, energy, and land use policies, and invested public and private dollars in activities that reduce climate risk. However, policies don’t always work or don’t work as well as they could. Further, the sum of all these policies and existing investment isn’t enough to meet the need.

Climate Policy Initiative is a team of analysts and advisors that works to improve the most important energy and land use policies around the world, with a particular focus on finance.  We answer pressing questions posed by decision makers through in-depth, objective analysis on what works and what does not. We work in places that provide the most potential for policy impact, including Brazil, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, and the United States.

The world urgently needs solutions to the climate change challenge; policy is a critical part of these solutions. By carefully applying lessons learned from experience, we can accelerate efforts to achieve the transition to a sustainable economy.

Read and download Climate Policy Initiative’s 2012 Annual Report.

CPI 2012 Annual Report