CPI’s analysts and advisors work to improve the most important energy and land use policies in the world, with a particular focus on finance. Our efforts help nations grow while addressing increasingly scarce resources and climate risk.

  • The new Energizing Finance report series from SEforALL, CPI, and partners reveals that—in order to achieve global universal energy access goals by 2030—by scaling and refining finance strategies, we can reach more people, more affordably, with sustainable energy.
  • CPI Energy Finance launches design for investment-grade financing vehicle for institutional investors that reduces the cost of renewable energy by 17%
  • USICEF will deploy millions of dollars in project preparation support, sourced from leading foundations and the Government of India, to distributed solar power projects under consideration for long-term financing from OPIC. CPI has been selected as secretariat.
  • This report shows that there are important social, economic, and environmental costs associated with the lack of well-defined property rights; while at the same time presenting the many complexities within Brazil’s system of land governance that need to be addressed in order to improve the system.

What’s New at CPI

Forest and Land Use Policies on Private Lands: an International Comparison

The Lab: 2016-2017 Cycle Instrument Analysis

Developing Brazil’s Market for Distributed Solar Generation

Markets for low carbon, low cost electricity systems (working paper)

Today we are publishing a working paper on the future design of the energy market as part of a program that follows on from analysis for the Energy Transitions Commission, and new concepts presented as part of Eurelectric's Market Design 2050.

In this paper, we highlight at least four major problems of incremental refinement to existing market models:
• Under high ...

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Climate Finance Insight Videos: Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement

On May 8-9 2017, at the sixth meeting of the San Giorgio Group (SGG) in Venice, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) brought together key financial institutions actively engaged in green, low-emissions finance for frank discussions on the most pressing policy and investment issues related to scaling up climate action. Hosted this year by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), the SGG is ...

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