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A Snapshot of Global Adaptation Investment and Tracking Methods

India needs a bailout – Can we make it green?

This post originally appeared in Economic Times. 

Three weeks of lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and India’s economy will take a beating that could be worse than the lukewarm condition it was already at over the last few years. Estimates show that the lockdown could bring the country’s growth down to 2.5% from 4.5% projected ...

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Targeting Deforestation, Boosting Regeneration

Bailouts for a Better World

A deep economic crisis is expected in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis. We applaud the quick action of governments in supporting health workers and institutions, the business sector, and different communities. However, if taxpayer-funded bailouts are not implemented properly we can worsen another crisis: global climate change.

We cannot afford to miss a rare opportunity to enact ...

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With Coronavirus: investors and policymakers must shift to increase resilience

This post originally appeared on Climate Home News. 

The $16 trillion dollar wipeout in global stock markets over the past month highlights the serious vulnerabilities of our economic system to shocks. Around the world, millions became unemployed practically overnight and millions lost a huge portion of their savings. These events will have catastrophic consequences for people’s well-being and will ...

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