CPI’s analysts and advisors work to improve the most important energy and land use policies in the world, with a particular focus on finance. Our efforts help nations grow while addressing increasingly scarce resources and climate risk.

  • The Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2017 shows that global investment toward low-carbon and climate-resilient actions reached a record high of USD $437 billion in 2015, before falling to $383 billion in 2016.
  • CPI Energy Finance launches design for investment-grade financing vehicle for institutional investors that reduces the cost of renewable energy by 17%
  • USICEF will deploy millions of dollars in project preparation support, sourced from leading foundations and the Government of India, to distributed solar power projects under consideration for long-term financing from OPIC. CPI has been selected as secretariat.
  • This report shows that there are important social, economic, and environmental costs associated with the lack of well-defined property rights; while at the same time presenting the many complexities within Brazil’s system of land governance that need to be addressed in order to improve the system.

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Climate finance developments in 2017, and what to watch for in 2018

As world leaders sought to strengthen efforts to combat climate change in 2017, climate finance remained a prominent theme of international discussions between developed and developing countries – both as a tool for renewed collaboration, and as a potential point of friction.

COP23 premise and key climate finance themes

In November, leaders gathered for the 23rd annual Conference of the Parties (...

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Comments on the Minister Luiz Fux’s vote against the constitutionality of the new Forest Code

California’s cap and trade program leads the way on US climate action

In recent weeks, California has continued to cement its leadership role in American climate policy – most recently at the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany. In partnership with other states, cities, indigenous communities, businesses and investors, faith organizations, and numerous other institutions, California has led the U.S. “We Are Still In” coalition representing more than 130 million Americans and ...

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