Climate Finance


Our goal is to ensure economic growth in the face of increasingly scarce natural resources and climate instability. Enough capital exists to transition the world into a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. However, current investment in climate-friendly development falls far short of the need. Addressing investors’ needs, through innovative financial instruments and effective policy, can redirect finance from high-carbon to low-carbon infrastructure.


Our Focus

CPI has deep expertise in finance, and is a leader in navigating the financial aspects of energy, land use, and climate policies.

Led by Executive Director Barbara Buchner, CPI’s climate finance program conducts the most comprehensive mapping of climate finance flows available and convenes public and private stakeholders to design and implement innovative financial instruments through The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. We also work with governments, companies, investors, and foundations around the world to assess, test, and replicate their policies, programs, and investments. This work ensures that resources are spent as effectively as possible.

Climate Finance News


FT Climate Finance Summit: Scaling up Finance for Climate Action

London, UK, May 23, 2017

CPI Executive Director of Global Innovation Lab, Barbara Buchner will speak at FT Climate Finance Summit during the following panel ...

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Financing Innovative Business Models – Vienna Energy Forum 2017

Vienna, Austria, May 11, 2017

CPI Executive Director of the Climate Finance Program, Dr. Barbara Buchner, will participate in the following high-level panel session:

Financing ...

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Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit

New York, April 24, 2017

At this year's Future of Energy Summit in New York, the Fire Awards, which CPI manages, will host a special ...

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Lessons and Innovations to Spur Green Investment in Developing Countries

April 4, 2017

This brief compiles and summarizes lessons from CPI analysis and projects from 2015 and 2016 on how governments and public finance institutions can work together with each other and the private sector to effectively and efficiently reduce the risks and costs of projects in order to attract green investment.

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MIT Finance & Sustainability workshop

Cambridge, MA, April 3, 2017

The Institute's Finance & Sustainability workshop aims to stimulate debate and to lay the groundwork for an expansive research agenda ...

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