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Workshop – Climate finance mapping and planning: challenges and opportunities

Madrid, Spain, 2019-12-06

Monitoring past, present, and future public and private spending and investment patterns is essential to achieving climate mitigation and adaptation objectives. Such information helps measure progress, identify gaps, align flows and instruments for maximum impact and scale, and optimize the deployment of public resources in a way that can effectively and efficiently unlock private investment at the transformational scales needed.

Join our workshop to:

  • Share knowledge and best practices on mapping and tracking flows of domestic climate finance
  • Identify ways to ensure domestic finance mapping can support planning of effective spending and investment to achieve climate goals
  • Network with a growing community of domestic climate finance practitioners from national governments, donors, UN agencies, and implementing organizations

Event details:

This workshop is organized in the context of COP 25 in collaboration with the European Forest Institute and UNDP.


8:30-9:00 am Registration and coffee

9:00-9:20 am Welcome, introductions, and opening remarks
• Barbara Buchner, Executive Director, Climate Policy Initiative
• Valérie Merckx, Head, EU REDD Facility, European Forest Institute
• Tim Clairs, Head, Forest and Climate team, UNDP (tbc)

9:20-9:30 am Presentation: Overview of climate finance mapping approaches, tools and needs
Chavi Meattle, Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative

9:30-11:00 am Panel: “Methodologies and challenges for climate-related finance mapping”
Country representatives, practitioners and partners will discuss their experiences, new approaches, and lessons learned on monitoring and planning domestic climate and land-use finance.
Moderator: Angela Falconer, Associate Director, Climate Policy Initiative

Country and practitioner perspectives:
• Kenyan Treasury (tbc)
• Jean-Claude Koya, Côte d’Ivoire Ministry of Planning and Investment (tbc)
• Félicien Mulenda, FONAREDD DRC
• Ian Cochran, 14CE, French Landscape of Climate Finance
• Aleksandra Novikova, IKEM, Landscapes of Climate Finance in Czech Republic, Latvia and
• IFF country (tbc)

Discussion including contributions from partner agencies:
• Gianluca Merlo, UNDP NDC Support program
• Adeline Dontenville, EU REDD Facility, European Forest Institute

11:00-11:50 pm Breakout groups: “Using climate finance mapping to influence policies, mobilize and redirect investment” Country representatives, practitioners, and partners will:
1. Share their experience to date (objectives, approaches, challenges, lessons)
2. Discuss needs and priorities going forward e.g. methodology or tool development, capacity building, financial support, community of practice network etc.
3. Discuss how to use results from tracking and planning exercises more systematically to realign finance going forward
Moderator: Adeline Dontenville, EU REDD Facility, European Forest Institute

11:50-12:30 pm Next steps discussion
Moderator: Adeline Dontenville, EU REDD Facility, European Forest Institute
Working groups will report back to all participants on key points raised. Open discussion on potential actions going forward, including e.g. appetite to form a community of practice, or to develop guidelines or tools.

12:30–1.30 pm Networking lunch