The Global NDC Implementation Partners (GNIplus)

GNIplus in Kenya

GNIplus in Kenya is a three-year program funded by the German International Climate Initiative (IKI). GNIplus will work in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, through the Climate Change Directorate,  and in collaboration with the National Treasury and relevant sectoral ministries and other public and private stakeholders to help the Government of Kenya achieve its NDC goals. GNIplus will provide expert legal, technical, and financial advice to:

  • Support the creation of enabling environments to scale up public and private investment
  • Build bankable low-carbon and climate-resilient project pipelines
  • Improve governance and transparency through the creation of robust and enforceable regulations
  • Support clear decision-making procedures that provide investor confidence
  • Build national capacity

About GNIplus

The Paris Agreement marked a new era in climate policy, and with it, a new imperative to accelerate climate action. Effective implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) will drive the roll-out of low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure and economy-wide transformation,  financed by significant, mostly private, investment. To meet their goals, developing countries need support to mobilize public and private finance quickly, and at scale. Delay will increase the economic cost and threaten the feasibility of the Paris goals.

Combining the strengths of three world-leading organizations – Climate Policy Initiative, Baker McKenzie, and AECOM – GNIplus provides governments with the best available policy, technical, financial, governance, and legal expertise to support the implementation of their NDCs. GNIplus also supports governments as they work to mobilize private investment and create long-term, sustainable growth and development.

By delivering practical, concrete actions in multiple geographies, GNIplus: reforms legal, policy, financial, institutional, and governance frameworks; stress-tests the designs of infrastructure projects; and develops financial tools and instruments to de-risk investment and mobilize private finance at scale. GNIplus maximizes impact by building on its partners existing collaborations with governments, multilateral agencies, and private investors to facilitate climate action by enhancing current national strategies and initiatives.


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