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In the U.S., a low-carbon energy system is within reach. Technology is progressing quickly and the cost of some renewables has plummeted. CPI analysis shows that changes to business, regulation, and finance models can reduce the cost of the transition.


Our Focus

With expertise in finance, CPI focuses on renewable electricity, energy efficiency, utility business models, and innovation in the U.S. – identifying evidence-based solutions through in-depth analysis on what’s working and what’s not.

Key Projects

  • States and utilities are exploring cost-effective ways to comply with the Clean Power Plan. CPI is working with former public utility commissioners, CREST Renewable Energy, and Clean Energy Action to analyze financially realistic options for Colorado to accelerate deployment of low-cost renewables while retiring or repurposing higher-cost fossil fuel plants. The financial models and tools created will be of relevance to other states and utilities.
  • The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has engaged CPI to review and analyze a set of potential options for the future of large-scale renewable energy, to support New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) process. CPI presented the results of this work in a technical conference held by NYSERDA in June, 2015.
  • Our work on the transition to low-carbon electricity looks at how to scale up renewable energy through adjustments to current models of electricity generation, transmission, delivery, and finance.
  • We have also explored how the potential stranding of coal and oil will affect the U.S. economy and how policies can help reduce the cost of transition to low-carbon energy.
  • The California Carbon Dashboard provides real-time news on cap-and-trade and climate policies in one of the most important economies and emitters in the world.
  • Our analysis on U.S. tax policies showed that adjustments to how renewable energy policies are delivered could save taxpayers billions each year.

What's New in the U.S.


Beyond YieldCos

June 27, 2016

US-based YieldCos, such as Terraform Power and NRG Yield, raised equity worth $23 billion dollars by mid-2015, only to see their share prices fall by as much as 60% just a few months later. The rise and fall of new investment ideas nearly always provides valuable lessons, and the US YieldCos are no exception.

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Businesses Lead on Climate Change: The Road from Paris to Davos

January 22, 2016

When asked about last month’s Paris Agreement earlier this week at Davos, UNFCCC executive secretary Christiana Figueres remarked, “The ...

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Keeping our Cool: UN Climate Conference Results

World Affairs Council, San Francisco, December 15, 2015


Join CPI's Executive Director Thomas Heller in a discussion about the recent COP21 climate conference in Paris and about ...

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Getting the most from your green: An approach to using public money effectively through green banks and other low-carbon financing

December 8, 2015

This document addresses the effective uses of public financial interventions for low carbon projects. It provides an overview of Climate Policy Initiative’s (CPI’s) approach
to determining the most efficient ways in which green banking and other public financial interventions could support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Renewable Energy Finance Forum West, 2015 – Yieldcos panel discussion

Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco, November 6, 2015

CPI's Uday Varadarajan will participate in a panel about yieldcos, from 3:15 to 4:15 pm on Nov. 6.


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